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Synchronous Belt Drives

Synchronous Belt Drives

The notched and wrapped synchronous belts from MPT Drives Inc. are designed to help gearmotors run more efficiently. MPT Drives offers an assortment of synchronous belt drives for a variety of industrial applications.

Our synchronous belt drives offer enhanced flexibility due to their tooth design. As a result, our synchronous belt drive offers a considerably high horsepower rating compared to standard conventional belt drives.

Beneficial Features of Synchronous Belt Drives

Synchronous belt drives available at MPT Drives Inc., offer an array of benefits to the customers like:

  • No lubrication required
  • Long lasting operation
  • High operating efficiency
  • Timed / non-slip operation
  • Available in various tooth profiles
  • Easy operation and low maintenance
  • Ideal for a wide variety of speed ranges
  • Provide firm engagement between toothed belts and sprockets

Industries Served by MPT Drive’s Synchronous Belt Drives

Synchronous belt drives have been adopted by every industry as standard equipment for a variety of applications. Following are some of the common industries they are used in:

  • Mining
  • Air handling
  • Paper manufacturing
  • Cement manufacturing
  • Chemical, oil, and gas
  • Food, beverage, and pharmaceutical
  • Baggage and inventory handling
  • Water and wastewater treatment

Common Applications of Synchronous Belt Drives

Following are the type of applications served by synchronous belt drives in the aforementioned industries:

  • Heavy machine tools
  • Pumps and compressors
  • Single to bulk material conveyors
  • Air handling blowers, fans, and exhausts
  • Woodworking saws, lathes, planers, mills, etc.
  • Crushers, breakers, classifiers, shredders, and shaker screens

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