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Request a quotation using or feedback page or send email to . If you would like to request a quote on any made to order items and have a CAD file available to you please send it to us using the email address above in .DWG or .DXF format. If your request requires immediate attention call us at 1-800-HP-DRIVE (1-800-473-7483).

New Products

NEW! Pallet Stops!

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Now authorized distributor of Peer Bearings, Joyce/Dayton (Screw Jacks, Lifting Systems, and Speed Reducers) and US Electric Motors

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Mechanical Products - Click on the underlined products for more information!

Speed Reducers/Gear Motors:
Worm Gear, Right Angle Bevel, Planetary, Helical Bevel, Cycloidal

Alling Lander, Baldor (Grant)Browning, CGI, Dalton Gear, David Brown, Electra, Foote Jones, Grove Gear, Hub City, Joyce, Leeson/Ohio Gear Ironman, Morse, Nord,  Sterling, Sumitomo, Thomson/Micron, Von Ruden, Winsmith

Mounted Bearings:
Take Up Frames and Bearings, Pillow Blocks and Flange Blocks, Ball, Roller, Spherical and Tapered Roller

AMI, Browning, Sealmaster, Hub City, Metaline, Moline, Morse, Peer, Royersford, Hi Light

Misc. Bearing Products:
Cam Followers, Track Rollers

McGill, Carter, PCI, IKO

Chain & Sprocket Drives:
Roller, Conveyor, Engineered Class, Silent Chain and Made-to-Order

Acme(UST), Allied Locke, Ametric, Brewer, Browning, Dalton Gear, Diado,  G & G, Hitachi Maxco, Jeffrey Chain, Linn Gear, Martin, Moline, Morse, Ramsey, U.S. Tsubaki(UST), Union Chain, UNI, Whitney

Spur Gears and Gear Rack, Bevel, Miter, Helical, Pinion, Worm Gears

Browning, Dalton Gear, Linn Gear, Martin, Union Gear, Van Zeeland, Moore Gear

Conventional Belt Drives:
V-Belt, Variable Speed

Browning, Dayco, Gerbing(TB Woods), Hi-Lo, Lovejoy, Martin, Speed Selector, TB Woods (HSV), Jason

Jaw, Gear, Sleeve, Miniature U-Joints, Flexible Disk, Chain, Rigid, Elastomeric

Browning, Curtis, Dalton, Lovejoy, Martin, TB Woods, Union Gear, Kop Flex, KTR (Bowex), Mayr

Synchronous Belt Drives:
Timing Belt Drives (XL, L, H, X H, XXH), Metric (5mm, 8mm, 14mm, 20mm) HTD, HPT, HPR

Ametric, Breco-Flex, Browning, Dayco, Fenner, Nationwide, Mectrol, Morse, Pirelli, TB Woods

Linear Bearings & Shafting:
Precision Shafting, Linear Ball Bearings, Housings & Support Blocks

Baldwin, Diamond Case, Lee Controls, LM 76, Metaline, Nook, Pacific Bearing, PCI, Slide Tech, Star, Warner, NSK, Welker, Thomson Industries, IKO, SKF

Now stocking 72" keyed C1018 cold drawn shafting available cut to length and ready within the same day. Shaft diameters available 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1-1/8", 1-3/16", 1-3/8", 1-7/16", 1-1/2", 1-5/8", and 1-15/16". 

Linear Motion:
Ball Screws, Linear Actuators, Precision & Acme Screws, Screw Jacks

Nook, Star, Warner Electric, NSK, Joyce, Thomson Industries, IKO, SKF

Mechanical Clutches:
Torque Limiters, Ball Detent, Friction, Shear Pin, Over Running, Backstop

Morse, Browning, Dalton, Formsprag, David Brown

Miscellaneous Mechanical:

Brewer Mach. Tighteners & Idlers, Cast & Flame Cut Sprockets, Chatland Co. Conveyor Pulley, CL Dews Foundry, Hydrostatic Variators, Kaleb Schlepp, Linear Actuators, MPT Pivoted Bases, NOLU Engineered Plastics, POBCO Engineered Plastics, Power Moller Pulley, Royersford Collars, Ruland Collars, R.W.M. Caster, Screw Conveyers, Solidur Engineered Plastics, Special Gearings, Stafford Collars, Value Engineered Plastics, Van Gorp. (E.P.T.), Vibration Eliminator, Winkopp Variators, Jet Lube, Cold Drawn Shafting

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Electrical Products - Click on the underlined products for more information!

AC Motors/Controls:
Inverter, Flux Vector, Soft Start, HVAC Motors

Baldor, Browning, Morse, Nord, Seco/Superior Electric , Sumitomo, Leeson, USEM

Position Controllers:
Linear & Rotary

Omtron, Superior Electric, Warner Electric

DC Motors/Controls:

Baldor, Browning, Minarik, Seco/, Browning, Minarik, Seco/Superior Electric , TB Woods, Leeson

Photoelectric, Proximity

Warner Electric,  Bernstein/Sentec

Step / Synchronous Motors / Controls:
Single-Axis, Multi-Axis, Specials

Superior Electric, Oriental Motor

Electric Clutches / Brakes:
Friction, Magnetic Particle, Tension, Wrap Spring, Electronic Braking

Magne, Magpower, Warner Electric, Electroid

Servo Motors / Controllers:
Single Axis, Multi Axis

Superior Electric

Electronic Overloads:
Current, Power Factor, True Power

Ebbert Engineering, Omtron, U.S. Tsubaki, WEN Technologies (UNI Power), Nord

Miscellaneous Electronic:
Analog Signal Analyzer, Custom Modules, Multi-Speed Selector

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