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Belt Drives

A well-designed belt drive will transmit power for many years with minimal maintenance. As such, investing in high quality belts reduces the total cost of ownership of your machinery in the long-run. MPT Drives, Inc., designs belt drives to increase the service life of your application.

Conventional V-belts and Belt Drives at MPT Drives

MPT Drives, Inc., has an assortment of V-belts to offer. Conventional V-belts have exceptional length stability and drive uniformity. V-Belts are generally considered the least expensive manner in which to transfer power. As V-Belt size and length gets larger, drive efficiencies decrease. Newer belt designs and styles have improved upon the V-Belt and should be considered for more complex drive design.

The "V" shape of the V-Belt tracks in a mating groove in a pulley or sheave. V-Belts are also available with cogs, which further increase their efficiency. Many drive systems utilize multi-grooved sheaves to accommodate multiple V-Belts, depending on drive horse power and torque requirements. Such drives can utilize multiple individual V-Belts, or the belts may have a common backing. V-Belts come in five width sizes, are standardized between manufacturers, and are available in a number of different lengths.

Synchronous or gearbelt drives are another option to transmitting torque. V-belt drives can slip, which may, at times, come in handy, where synchronous drives will not. Synchronous drives can transmit much more torque than V-belts and are often used for conveying as well.

MPT Drives, Inc., offers a complete range of both v-belt and synchronous belts, which can be installed in many different applications. Our belts are suitable for all kinds of industrial applications and machines.

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